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We tend to your pets every need

Bath & Dry

  • Your pet is thoroughly bathed using a massaging shower and then blow dried to pawfection
  • Ears cleaned
  • Nails trimmed

Full Groom

  • Your pet is bathed and blow dried to pawfection
  • Ears cleaned
  • Nails trimmed
  • Dog is then styled to breed standard or any variation you choose using electric clippers or hand-scissoring


  • An excellent service for breeds which seem to constantly moult
  • Suitable for long and short coated breeds
  • All the dry and dead coat is removed along with any unwanted under coat
  • Includes a bath and blow dry
  • Styling if necessary to the specific breed
  • Ears cleaned and nails trimmed


  • All the dry and dead coat is removed by hand using finger and thumb method and stripping knifes and tools if needed.
  • Includes a bath and blow dry
  • Ears cleaned and nails trimmed

Professional Advice

  • Advice will be given on the suitability of treatment when making an appointment taking into consideration your pets coat type and behaviour.
  • All pets are welcome.

Nail trim

  • Nails trimmed down to the correct length
  • Advice given on grooming if required

We absolutely love what we do

Making your pets look and feel pawfect

At Bloom Pet Care we take great pride in providing the best pet care and products. Our focus is always on providing Professional, Passionate and Personal care to your furry family members. In short our grooming artists are trained to follow all the P's of PET care.

Walk in Grooming service, while you shop for your pet from our wide selection of pet products. We have a range of Pet beds, leashes, collars,crates, carriers,toys, grooming supplies, clothing and toys. But wait our care for your pets just does not end here, we also assist you to choose the best food option based on its nutritional value and your pets needs. With the best pet food we compliment our services with bowl and feeding accessories.

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Get that brush out and make your dog look and feel pretty while you get high on happy hormones

The importance of grooming your dog

By visiting us at Bloom Pet Care, your dog still needs to be groomed regularly at home.

The dog's skin is the body's largest organ, and to keep it healthy it needs to be cared for. Brushing offers all sorts of benefits to a dogs overall well-being.

Whilst brushing your dog, you are massaging the skin underneath, which helps increase the blood flow around the body, therefore reducing any toxin build up.

Long-haired dogs

It is very uncomfortable for these dogs when their hair becomes matted. And even more uncomfortable, when the mats have to be combed out, despite the amazing products available. Underneath the mats the skin is unable to breathe and can become damp and sore which then leads to problems such as wet eczema.

If you find it difficult to keep your dog£s coat tangle free, talk to me and I will discuss with you a suitable grooming routine which will suit you and your dog.

Short-haired breeds

Obviously they require much less grooming, but it must not be forgotten altogether.

Most short-coated breeds moult not twice a year as expected, but in-fact all year round, due to central heating in our homes. When a dog's coat is clogged up with dead, loose hair they can become very itchy and develop scurfy skin. A regular grooming routine is essential to prevent this build up and keep the dog healthier.

Grooming your dog also has benefits to your self

It means you can spend quality time with your dog. Reinforce the special bond that you have together.

The dog will adore the extra attention and it gives you an opportunity to check for any lumps, bumps, cuts and grazes.

It has also been proven that stroking animals releases happy hormones, called endorphins, into the blood stream, which can reduce stress levels.


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