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Cassa Group is one of the best Solution to be used as a roof as it is very economical and attractive. Also it can cover spanning wide and large area. We are the MANUFACTURERS OF Cassa Group in DELHI (India). ROYAL Cassa Group is our innovation in manufacturing and introducing a variety of architectural designing for providing better services from the year 2010. The construction and tensile work is very accurately and very well executed by us by applying the latest technology and modern machinery and tools. The finished products are quality resistant in all weathers. The product has been designed and manufactured as per the international quality standards. The Royal Cassa Group is emerging as a Top-Notch designer of the Cassa Group in DELHI. Tensile is very suitable for Car parking, and other modern construction services.

Our customized products and services comprise unmatched quality and can be availed in a variety of standard sizes and modules including triangular, double triangular and hyperbolic. Our company manufactures and designs not only tensile and covering structures, but also provides after sales services to maintain the durability and quality of the products across India like the Cassa Group in Delhi. Cassa Group at the Airport . We specializes in all the construction and designing of projects to follow a client-oriented approach to provide the maximum satisfaction.

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Our Products

Our custom made products and services comprise unmatched quality

Cassa Group

We offer a wide range of Cassa GroupS that are made strong and yet light weight and flexible which are maintainable easily at low cost.

Tensile Car Parking

We are offering a high quality TENSILE CAR PARKING for Residential Tensile CAR PARKING, AND COMMERCIAL Cassa Group..

Walkway Covering Structure

We are known as one of the prominent manufacturers and service providers for qualitative WALKWAY COVERING STRUCTURES.

Gazebo Cassa Group

We have extensive assortments of Gazebo Cassa Groups to offer which are used in decorating gardens, making summer houses for children to play in the shade.

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Why Choose Us

We provide Quality Products At The Fraction Of The Cost
  • We believe in quality and maintain our industry standards..

  • We follow customer- oriented approach where our innovations meet the genuine.

  • We are very easily available and accessible and our support team is ( 24 x 7) available.

  • We understand the value of time and deliver the services within the stipulated time.

  • We create environment-friendly structures with our specialized engineering.

  • We create the most fascinating designs crafted with all the innovative techniques.

  • We follow customer-centric approach where innovations meet ingenuity.

  • We use cutting-edge designs and innovative engineering concepts.


Initial Consultation

We have established an overall brief of what the client is willing to achieve. This may involve a request to the client for visuals or architectural drawings, as well as attending design meetings and site visits.


With solid brief to hand, Royal Cassa Group will offer initial design concepts including fabric types, type of structural support e.g. timber or steel work, rigging options, installation layouts and any extra features such as printing

Budget & Quotations

Once the client is satisfied and happy with the design of their product, Royal Cassa Group will provide budgets and quotations including the confirmation of sketches or visuals wherever appropriately suits..


Once the design and the budget are approved, detailed designing starts. This includes general arrangement drawings and foundation designs. Detailed fabrication drawings then follow afterwards. Once these are fully approved, manufacturing shall begin. This involves 3D CAD modeling of fabric and the manufacture of steel or timber components, culminating in a series of special parts all made ready for installation at site.


When it comes to the installation our riggers have all the experience that makes all the difference. The project manager’s briefing the site team on all aspects of the build leads the installation and makes sure the client is kept updated with progress and any changes at site, and ensures that a consistent communication flow is present throughout the project.

Our Clients

As we have developed the core of our business, our major objective was to surround ourselves with quality, disciplined people.

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