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The Felista Beauty philosophy maintains that in keeping with the pressures of modern living it is essential to find a way to relieve stress & mental strain, through partaking of wellness therapies & activities. Correspondingly the Felista Beauty Philosophy is about adapting different looks to suit the individual client, in order to accentuate those best features & bring out the clients natural & unique beauty. We strive to provide you excellent customer service as well as full array of superb hair, body, skin & nail services. What makes Felista Beauty different is the extreme attention to details from the moment you arrive. Every day we explore more & more ways to provide you with ultimate experience in beauty & relaxation.


Our body treatments are hydrating, nourishing and detoxifying for your body. All our products are composed of highly therapeutic ingredients that are all natural and well known for their benefits to the skin. Our essential oils and extracts are distilled from plants, flowers, fruits and herbs to provide a truly tropical spa experience.


This secret of smooth began in India and the Middle East, and can be used on the entire face. A precise and intricate art, threading hair removal uses twists of cotton thread to trap unwanted hairs and remove them from the root. Inexpensive, quick and easy, threading assures perfect lines, and hair that grows back slower and thinner


Our experienced and fully qualified therapists offer luxurious treatments for the hands and feet. We have incredibly moisture rich manicures and pedicures that soothes dry, chapped hands and feet, leaving them noticeably softer and smoother.


This series has professional treatments that helps brighten and diminish the appearance of hyper-pigmentation due to the sun, acne scars and hormonal changes while enriching the skin with its added anti-aging benefits. Clinical studies have shown that its marine and botanical actives work together to uncover a radiant, more luminous complexion.


Felista Beauty is a decent neighborhood nail craftsmanship salon known for utilizing staff of gifted, imaginative, and amped up for their exchange nail workmanship experts.


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We love moving our customers with our nail plans, and we sprout with productive work, commitment, and dependability.

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we are certain that Pinnacle Felista Beauty' social occasion of gifted masters will fulfill your quality needs effectively in light of the manner in which that we have ceaselessly done everything considered.

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