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The individuals at Furniture Services are fiery about home designs and find elation in helping you have the perfect lounge chair. Some segment of this is a basic customization process, with unfathomable potential results. You select your style, pick your surface, pick steadiness, and give estimations, with a practiced furniture ace there to help you each progression.

After you've given your choices, we start making your lounge chair here in California. The result is a dependable love seat you will love! It's really what you required, at a sensible expense, and features a lifetime ensure. Additionally, in case it isn't, we will do whatever is imperative to get that moving for you.









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Design with 100% Pure Quality

Custom sizes and surface choices are starting at now compelled on our site. If you don't see the surface or size decision you are looking for, if its all the same to you call or come into one of our showrooms today. In our showrooms, you can adjust your new love seat to the inch. Likewise, we have 100's of surface decisions to investigate. Lead time is only 2 - multi month.

Furniture Return & Exchange Policy

Dismissal making a beeline for an important, tremendous box retailer and looking sea of furniture, most of which isn't even your style. From examining, to mentioning, to a whole year product trade, we're changing the redirection by passing on the showroom to you. By and by, you can experience what it takes after to spend indifferent mornings, family events, movie nighttimes, and more on your goods, instead of contributing that vitality looking for unendingly. Welcome to the destiny of furniture buying.


In-Home Delivery

We'll dispatch a first rate white glove organization to pass on your solicitation on a pre-booked date. A capable transport gathering will move and dump your solicitation to your favored room and dispose of all packaging. All things other than elaborate topic things from untouchable traders will dispatch with in-home movement for $99.

Bring the Showroom Home

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Why Furniture Services?

We comprehend obtaining furniture online may be outside of your standard scope of recognition, so we set out to make the method as straightforward as possible with a blend of imperishable structures, astounding materials, ace craftsmanship and customer focused assistance. By and by we should start manufacturing the perfect piece made uniquely for you!

Our Features

The High Quality Product

We're in the matter of well past, which means most of our imperishable, present day structures are made to outperform industry models. Most of our decorations begins its life from splendid unrefined materials that are sensibly sourced from close by dealers normally inside 100 miles of our workshop to decrease our carbon impression. With an assurance of premium surfaces, top-grain cowhides and trademark woods, each piece is bound to be stick out.

Our Features

No Harmful Chemicals

We let ruinous manufactured mixtures alright alone for our improvement since it's as basic to us for what it's value to you and your family. Our gifted workshop gathering holds themselves to the most bewildering models, since they share our obsession with quality and careful attention.

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