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Kolbe Pet Care is the pioneer of the pack as for the most perfectly awesome idea for your cat or little dog. With 34 focuses in 15 states, including Walt Disney World, our top level work environments outfit your pet with a verified, perfect and fun condition that will bolster your canine or cat to review home. Despite whether your pet needs a scratch around the ear, a face to lick or a spot to play, your closest accomplice will be overseen as though our own. Our pioneer focus opened to national praise in 1996, setting another standard in pet idea. We offer a wide menu of exercises and associations – from well being sessions to rest time stories – so you can structure the idea.

Working play zone with different pooches or break with a pet-prizing assistant, by then a rest all around suite Doggy Village. Cats can extricate up in multi-story apartment suites in the shelter of Kitty City.

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Our Services

Pet Training
Service 1

We offer a wide gathering of canine instructional courses to fit mutts from puppyhood to grown-up. Our remarkable Board and Train program engages your pet to have one-on-one preparing while he remains the night. Envision, leaving and returning to a little guy who never again eats your shoes and we give unbelievable wanting to your pet and this is remarkably poor for the your pets and safe.

Pet Grooming
Service 2

Making pooches and felines look remarkable is our obsession! Our foundation organized Pet Stylists have more than 800 hours of hands-on planning course that solidifies washing, slicing and styling something near 200 mutts everything considered and sizes despite yearly security affirmation. We offer culmination shower, hair style and stroll around getting ready organizations.

Boarding and Play & Stay
Service 3

Here is the spot you will discover data about tolerating a pet, finding a lost pet, how to permit your pooch or pony, creature immunizations, fix/fix data, scaled down scale chipping, how to record a yapping hound, ramifications of creature violence and how to report it, or dangerous creature objection, what to do in the event that you locate a stray creature, how to design a dead creature to be gotten, and license data. As the requirements of the framework develop, so do our associations.


Looking to adopt a pet

Here is the spot you will find information about accepting a pet, finding a lost pet, how to allow your pooch or horse, animal immunizations, fix/fix information, small scale chipping, how to record a yapping dog, implications of animal viciousness and how to report it, or unsafe animal complaint, what to do if you find a stray animal, how to plan a dead animal to be gotten, and permit information. As the necessities of the system grow, so do our organizations.

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