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Lama Pet Care Tracey has claimed and thought about creatures for her entire life. She was raised on a dairy ranch in West Central India where she was encompassed by a wide range of creatures and pets. On the homestead she had cows, steeds, hounds, felines, chickens, ducks and hoards. As a grown-up, Tracey has consistently had house pets as well. She's claimed and field trail prepared a brilliant Golden Retriever, raised winged animals and is presently possessed by Stache, her sweet kitty. After school Tracey was additionally prepared in starting canine prepping. In a shop in Hudson, WI she dealt with the washing, brushing, and nail cutting. One Tracey's preferred things is to take canines to one of Dane Counties magnificent pooch parks. We additionally give programs that update the bond among creatures and individuals. Every single enchanted adopter must get a creature together close and individual at our haven before an application can be submitted for that creature. We request an individual reference (this can be a relative, sidekick, director) who can hold up under spectator to your capacity to think about a pet. Adopters who live in condo suites will be required to indicate certification that pets are permitted.

A safe house pet needs to meet you

Spare A Life. Embrace A Shelter Pet.

Lama Pet Care is a no-execute shield that salvages and thinks about destitute pets.

New breeds

American Hairless Terrier

Like their related terriers, the American Hairless is a working, sharp, and vivacious little breed.

Bergamasco Shepherd

From the uncovered little dog, we go to this astonishing 'doo. The Bergamasco's coat is an exceptional tangle of tangled.


The hunky "farmer's bull dog," is one of the greatest of the most state-of-the-art breeds, weighing as much as a 200 pounds.

Berger Picard

This extraordinary and scruffy mutt-looking unadulterated breed makes a vigorous sidekick. Beginning in the French locale.

happy clients gallery

  • Kristian -

    We got our family hound, Phoebe, from Lama Pet Care. Phoebe's past proprietor was the misfortune of a fire, and Phoebe was housed with non-enduring families and in a pet hotel for more than a half year.

  • Federica -

    Lama Pet Care is a groundbreaking and immediately required association in the Philadelphia zone. The connection engages families to be reuinited after a woeful and pivotal occasion

Look after your pet

pet care advice

In spite of whether you effectively ensure a pet or are thinking about getting one, the pages underneath set out some fundamental rules for keeping up their thriving and prospering.

the groom room

At Pets at Home we have an expansive grouping of planning decisions open, including microchipping, nail cutting, or a full shower and blow dry, so get for a speedy trim.


Most of our vaccinations are given by the world pioneer in quality immune response creating — Merck and we pass on them to you at a forceful expense. We seek after the immunization standards of the 2 most respected social occasions in veterinary medication.



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