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We Providing The Dry Cleaning Service and Washing Services

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Powerful Features

We created Cleanly to mirror our estimations of remarkable association, clear structure, and a fixation on quality. They drive all that we do.

Wash Cycle

The prewash step combines filling the articles of clothing washer's tub with water and blending in the concoction. Sporadically the prewash incorporates enabling the heap to sprinkle for a long time to slacken soil and start to purge recolors that all around in all probability won't be cleaned amidst a common wash cycle.

Tumble Drying

A basic number of us take advantage of the lucky break to put our wet vestments outside on the washing line when the environment's superb, yet in the event that it's sprinkling or solidifying cool, it's a sharp plan to tumble dry bits of dress – in this manner you'll have customary, dry, warm pieces of attire in only seconds.

Customize Quickly

Notwithstanding whether you require common as a general rule association or like to uncover to us when you require us, we are here to help. You can pick your synthetic, cleansing administrator, and obscure, plan pickups up to around fourteen days out, and get substance or email revives, all with only a few snaps.


For exceptionally dingy or recolored dress, you'll need to pick progressively drawn, critical or quality cycle (like steam cleaning). In any case, since these choices work all the more perseveringly to expel the earth, they in like way put more wear on the things in the store Check the heading on the sanitizer to insist.

Mildew Effect

For incredibly disordered or recolored apparel, you'll have to pick continuously drawn, enormous or strong point cycle (like steam cleaning). Notwithstanding, since these decisions work even more anxiously to evacuate the dirt, they in like way put more wear on the things in the stack Check the acquaintance on the sanitizer with assert.


In the present enthusiastic paced world, contributing fundamental vitality to sort, wash, dry, and spread your dress leaves less time to proceed with your family, hard and fast the work you brought home, or on a very basic level discharge up. Our approach to manage entryway settlement makes doing the dress as quick as leaving a sack outside.


Competetive Pricing

We are dependably give our client a solid valuing for clothing and cleaning services.

Customizable Service

Our benefit modules can be redo by client as indicated by his needs and requirement.

Free Pickup& Delivery

Our Concierge Delivery Service will get your cleaning from your home and drop it off flawless and crushed, all at no extra charge.

Care Cleaning

Not solely is the new Mody Chem "Care-Cleaning"® Solution increasingly secure for the earth.


Each thing obtained for crushing is checked by our specialists to choose if the thing requires steam squeezing.