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The Bedroom Overlooking the Garden

If you have a bedroom on the ground floor that overlooks the garden sprawling with green grasses, and lined with the flowerbeds, then you will want the printable wallpaper in the wooden pattern that truly complements the landscape.

The Decorative Bathroom

What goes best with your bathroom? Well, in truth – whatever you like. If you have equal degree of affection for sedate and striking, you might find yourself caught in the dilemma. So flip the coin is what you will do; isn’t it?

The Insides

Well, wallpaper doesn’t really have to be all over the walls. It can be the backdrop too. You can really make your kitchen, bathroom, and even bedroom look classier by choosing the right wallpaper to be fixed to the insides of the cabinets and shelves.

The Dining Room

It doesn’t have to be one way or the other. You can bring the wall paint and wallpapers together. For a dining room with the white theme, you can have a couple of walls decorated with wallpapers and the remaining in paint.

Top Wallpaper Suppliers

Wallpapers have long been a fascination for artists and interior decorators. They have survived the home décor industry since times immemorial. They are ornate piece of paper that have prints and patterns designed over them and can be pasted on walls and ceiling to create a dramatic look for the homes. With time, the wallpapers have evolved and came a long way. While earlier they used to be printed with flowers or lines, today they come in a variety of designs. It is not hard to find wallpaper suppliers Delhi that can provide you with pattern wallpapers, artistic wallpapers, 3D wallpapers, cartoon wallpapers, wallpapers for girls and boys theme and others.

Decorative Wallpaper

Our wallpapers come from international markets in countries like Korea, Germany, and China, etc. We also have an extended network of wallpaper manufacturers, dealers, and suppliers from around the world, ensuring that the designs we offer are in trend. Be it the latest cartoon or movie to release, we will have a themed wallpaper design depicting the cartoon/movie in no time at all. Who are your kid’s favourite cartoon characters? We can decorate his/her room with a cartoon themed wallpaper featuring his/her favourites. Better yet, we can create customized wallpaper to suit your kid’s colour and design preferences, thus allowing you to give your little ones the room of their dreams.