Positive Traction Serving Jacksonville, Florida

Positive Traction is in the wellbeing industry. We offer administrations that abatement the probability of slip-and-fall mishaps in homes and organizations. We achieve this by looking over the strolling surfaces/floors in a home or business and prescribe medications that will expand the footing on these surfaces, in this way improving the security of the individuals who stroll on them.

Our medicines are intended to take a shot at most stone surfaces, for example, tiles, earthenware and porcelain surfaces, solid, rock, marble, record, porcelain and fiberglass baths, solid, wood floors, wood decks, pool zones and numerous others.

The majority of our items are embraced and suggested by OSHA and don't modify the appearance or surface of the surface once treated. (O.S.H.A. represents Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the administration office that sets security norms for industry in North America).
Counteract slip-and-fall mishaps. Lessen the danger of a claim at your business. Our affirmed non-slip treatment isn't a covering that can wear off. It engraves a minute track design superficially, so slight it's not noticeable to the eye. We offer a multi-year guarantee and may help in decreasing protection costs. 

Contact us at (904) 999-4740 in Jacksonville, Florida and see how we can help make your floors safer.

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