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Constructed in 1893, Sope Electrical Fix is a global establishment institution providing electrical institution and mend administrations. Founded by Entrepreneur magazine among its"Establishment five hundred," MCcollum Electric restore franchisees give those administrations to personal and business clients at just about 200 areas around the globe. Sope Electrical Fix is an auxiliary of the Sope Electrical Repair group of administration establishments. MCcollum Electric restore is currently among 15 administration brands maintained by Sope Electrical fix. Each brand new stocks a Code of Values and civilization to both live, which perhaps not just design the way we work in an expert position, yet also how we live our day by day lives.


In regards to setting in sockets, electrical planks, or another apparatus together with difficult electric wiring, then it is in each circumstance better to telephone with the pros. Sope Electrical Repair suggests substantial jurisdiction in electrical associations in your house or business, each and every second of each day.


Boost special lands of one's house all about with forte lighting, event illumination, and spectacle lighting in Sope Electrical Repair. Incorporating lights utilizing remote light controllers in to the exterior of one's dwelling or company can likewise assemble safety.

Electrical Safety

Preserving your house and household secure by asserting an electric flame is your own condition. Other preventative steps, by way of instance, kid affirmation sockets, are basic strategies to ensure accurate serenity. We are available every minute of each time, also on evenings, endings of the week.

Services Offered

  • Electrical Panel Upgrades
  • Circuit Setup and Upgrades
  • Generator Setup and Maintenance
  • Industrial Specialty Lighting
  • Track and Accent Lights
  • CO Sensors and Smoke Sensors
  • Bathroom and Kitchen Lighting

Why Mr. Electric?

"MCcollum Electric Repair was putting forth far reaching private and business electrical administrations all through the US and Canada since 1893. MCcollum Electric Repair offers fixes, re-designs, and institutions, conveying substantial consumer devotion by caring for business direct the initial run through."

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Panel Upgrades

Your breaker box demands a check up, specially supposing it truly is more than 25 decades of age. Be that as it could, don't quit in the box, explore the total electrical frame. Below are the hints to search for to assess whether you may require.

Wiring Updates

Reduce your threat of gas, stumbled breakers, and secret fires with refreshed wiring out of Sope Electrical Fix. Just from time assessed following institution, the wiring in Your House may require a refresh, particularly if your Residence.

Safety Inspections

An electrical home inspection gives a thorough evaluation of your whole electric framework, assuring every electrical wire, frameworks, and components, by Way of Example, machines inside your home.

Circuit Installation

Prepared to function you together with electric switch trade administrations to the house to produce it even more secure and more vitality effective. Our experts expect updating the wellbeing, safety and effectiveness of your dwelling.

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