About Us

Whether you are planning an elaborate, very traditional Indian wedding or one celebrating multiple faiths, the food that you choose to serve will be remembered long after your big day. As the first time that you will host your family and friends as husband and wife, you want to create a gastronomic experience that is a personal reflection of you as a couple and celebrates your culture. For over two decades, USA Butter Cookies has been doing just that for discerning brides and grooms throughout the United States. As professional ‘food planners’, we believe that the three most important ingredients for a perfect wedding are the bride, the groom and the food. Our journey in creating your perfect wedding day begins by listening to the two of you and your families, understanding the unique elements of your love story and the role you want food to play in your celebration. From this knowledge, our team of young professionals—qualified and experienced chefs and food specialists—create unique, inspired menus leaving no detail overlooked. Whether it’s South Asian, North Indian, South Indian, Gujarati, Chinese, Far Eastern, Middle Eastern, Italian cuisines or a mix of many that you desire, our chefs leave no stone unturned to obtain the freshest produce, choose the finest ingredients and hand pick the most fragrant spices. This quest for perfection inspires us to create authentic-tasting dishes prepared innovatively, spurs us to re-imagine traditional cuisine and to combine subtle simplicity with contemporary flair. From our initial meeting until the wedding guests have bid adieú, USA Butter Cookies provides you the outstanding quality and service you deserve for your big day. Leaves Pattern
Our Process
A celebration is an expression of the host, but it is only as memorable as its food. We begin our catering process by understanding your family’s food palates, favorite recipes, cultural backgrounds and the role that you like food to play at your event. Based on your family traditions and personal choices you may prefer a buffet style, family style or pre-plated meal. USA Butter Cookies is happy to work with clients to develop an inspired and varied menu that best meets your needs and wishes. Our culinary experts and experienced managers ensure that all your events are filled with creative, tasty and mouth-watering dishes, and that nothing is duplicated at more than one event. The exponential rise in inter-faith weddings brings food back to its PURE BASICS. With more and more Asian Indians marrying outside their religions & cultures, the food palate is becoming vast, global and complex. With all the cultures and faiths involved, the combinations are limitless. Our army of food specialists will cater to your menu’s minutest detail. Off-premise catering services are available throughout the United States, as well as in any of your favorite international destination.