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Welcome to Work Net Solutions

We are Work Net Solutions® Pvt Ltd., a group of ensured experts who have skill in Personal Computer equipment and programming innovations. We have been supporting and selling Personal Computers, Local Area Networks, Desktop, Server Platforms and Application Software for over 14 years.

Work Net Solutions® is a pioneer in call-based help and investigating administrations for PCs. We made the market for compensation per-use PC benefits in Usa. Numerous different organizations have imitated our plan of action however we accept that they have not verged on mimicking our business theory.

What makes us special isn't a specific plan of action or administration or competency, however our general work reasoning. We work for our clients first and benefits second, since we realize that on the off chance that we secure the principal, the subsequent will in the end pursue. Our group works hard to comprehend client needs and necessities.




Its simple to get enticed by any promotion and land up purchasing a server which does anything other than serve.

Desktops & Laptops

There are different variables that influence the arrival that you will get from your business personal computers.


Network Attached Storage (NAS) are extremely valuable with regards to reclaiming up over the network. NAS gadgets,


With mass selection of Internet by organizations of all sizes comes the need of overseeing and controlling Internet get to.